Apprentice's Feedback

"He cuts through the jargon and makes it simple to understand, and goes straight to the points that matter and that will produce results."

Christina Zhang, Singapore

1-Year Mentorship Program Feedback

"I made around 30% in the first 2 months of live trading, netting in US$3,380."

I am very lucky to have you as my mentor. I would not have achieved such results if I had listened to my parents who refused to let me join initially. Now, they have become very supportive after seeing my results! I will continue to work hard and learn from you to achieve my financial dream!

Jacqueline Wong, Student

"The benefits are not only financial, but also psychological."

The trading system is a complete and effective one, which includes how to find and select trades, how to enter and exit, risk management, etc. I feel far more confident in myself and am looking forward to a potentially profitable future. Highly recommended!

Christina Zhang, Housewife

"I've recovered my training fees after the first month of live trading."

As a retired man, I decided to embark into trading to occupy the extra time that I have. Never did I realize that trading could be so fun and extremely rewarding. I've recovered my training fees after the first month of live trading (I practiced demo trading for 3 months) and I am looking forward to learn many more strategies in the upcoming days.

Ronald Khoo, Retiree

"I have built a skillset that even many experienced traders might not have."

This is a highly recommended high intensity training for experienced or inexperienced traders to attend. You will learn the proper way to trade, with the right attitude and emotions. However, completing the three days training does not mean the end of the course, but is just the start of it. More important is the one year “hand holding” mentorship program that we can’t find elsewhere. Our mentors will follow up on our progress almost daily and their response is almost instant when I have queries. I feel more like a family member of the group than just a mentee.

Michael Hooi, Director


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