The PTA Bootcamp
is Coming to the Mother City 
For the first time ever, The Professional Traders Associates (PTA) is  
bringing its "Bootcamp Training" Event 
to Cape Town, South Africa.


On Taking Action towards Seizing Control and Taking Charge of your Financial future.  For many, this First Ever South African Bootcamp Training Event will be the first step on new journey towards Financial Freedom! 
You will not be alone! The PTA Team and the Global PTA community will be there with you every step of the way.

PTA Bootcamp Training - Event Schedule


PTA Bootcamp Training - Event Schedule

The PTA "Bootcamp Training" is a full three-day intensive training event. It is designed to bring every participant up to a level where they are able to confidently approach the markets and practically implement what they have learned using the PTA Framework to guide their investment decisions.

Protea Hotel by Marriott Cape Town Waterfront Breakwater Lodge

(Tentative Venue)*

Mon. 13 - Thu. 16 September, 2021

(Tentative Dates)*

*Due to Covid-19 SOP's and Intl. Travel Protocols that are subject to change at a moment's notice, the Venue & Dates of the event are subsequently subject to be changed.

Three Intensive Days of Training

Event Schedule:


Day 0 - Monday, 13th:
Arrival & Check-In / Orientation Session & Group Dinner 

Day 1 - Tuesday, 14th:
Full Day Training (9am-7pm) (Inclusive of Lunch)


Day 2 - Wednesday, 15th:
Full Day Training (9am-7pm) (Inclusive of Lunch) 

Day 3 - Thursday, 16th:
Full Day Training (9am-7pm) (Inclusive of Lunch) / Certificates & Group Photo

Day 4 - Friday 17th:
Check-Out & Departure

Robust Training Program!

Condensed Course Outline:


Section I. - Introduction to PTA

Chapter 1. - About PTA

(Who we are, When we started, What we do, Why do we do what we do and How it aligns with what you want to do.)

Section II. - Understanding Investing

Chapter 2.  - Why You Should Start Investing

(Pulls & Pushes)

Chapter 3. - What is Investing

(Deploying one’s resources and attempting to extract returns from it over time - Longer & Shorter term)

Chapter 4. - Elements of Successful Investing

(Analysis, Decision-making, Risk management, Investor psychology, Generating positive returns, etc.)


Section III. - Understanding Market Structure

Chapter 5. - Functions of Financial Markets
Chapter 6. - Forces that drive the Financial Markets 

(Demand and supply, participants, intentions of participants, events, etc.)
Chapter 7. - Primary Financial Markets

(Company stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives, etc.)
Chapter 8. - Why Do We Invest in Stocks?
Chapter 9. - Why Do We Invest in the U.S. Market?
Chapter 10. - US Market Basics

(Exchanges, trading hours, holidays)

Section IV. - Introduction to Investing

Chapter 11. - Stock Market Basics

(What is a stock?, private vs public companies, what is the listing process?, why do companies get listed?)
Chapter 12. - Terminology

(Long and short, bull and bear, tickers, etc.)
Chapter 13. - Order Types
Chapter 14. - Leverage
Chapter 15. - Position Sizing and Risk Management
Chapter 16. - Establishing a Winning Edge


Section V. - Introduction to Technical Analysis

Chapter 17. - Technical Analysis

(What is technical analysis?, Why do we use technical analysis?, Types of charts, Determining trends, etc.)

Section VI. - Decision-Making Process

Chapter 18. - The Process of Analysis

(Deduction/induction, forming an opinion, taking action)
Chapter 19. - The PTA Framework

(Helicopter view, Situational awareness, Immediate action plan and the funnel of decision making)
Chapter 20. - Global Leading Macroeconomic Indicators
Chapter 21. - US Leading Macroeconomic Indicators
Chapter 22. - Market Weather Report
Chapter 23. - Risk Assessment and Calendar
Chapter 24. - Establishing a Game Plan

(Identifying current sentiments, Determining investment objectives, Determine portfolio allocation, Establish strategic and tactical positioning, etc.)
Chapter 25. - Selecting a Stock

(For longer & shorter term)
Chapter 26. - Execution


Section VII. - Importance of Psychology

Chapter 27. - Psychology Affecting the Decision-Making Process

(Cognitive & Emotive biases, Acknowledging inherent shortcomings, Ways to mitigate, etc.)

"Is Any Price too High to Pay for Freedom?"

Included in this Limited Time Offer!

You are signing up for the "CPT, South Africa - PTA Bootcamp Training Event" educational package.

This educational package includes the following:

1. The PTA Bootcamp Training Event 


Inclusive of:

  • 3 Full Days of Intensive Classroom Training - See Course Outline*.

  • PTA Bootcamp Training Manual

  • PTA Trading Tools (Digital)

  • Welcome Dinner (Mon Night) 

  • Lunch - 3 Days (Tue - Thu)

  • Administrative Fees

2. Initial PTA Membership Enrolment
(Valid for 6 months)*


Inclusive of:

  • Implementation Mentoring & Coaching.

  • Access to Daily PTA Robo-Advisor Trading Signals

  • Access to Daily PTA Global Community Live Trading, and Live Training & Q&A Sessions 

  • Access to Retake a Bootcamp Training Refresher (at a Pro-rated Nominal Fee)***

A Robust Training Program & 6-month PTA Membership Access to a Daily Active Community 

Package Worth USD 3,500-00 

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