Knowledge to Ultimate Wealth: How To Beat The Stock Market

Why Can’t You Make Money From The Stock Market After Attending So Many Courses?

Many courses available in the market tout to teach techniques and strategies that will make you loads of money. They are designed to attract you based on certain sophistication or lure you with the potential fortune you can gain from the stock market. Naturally you will lose money and get disappointed, because that’s NOT how the stock market works! If you have no understanding of the mechanism of the stock market or the intentions of the participants of the stock market, how are you ever able to make money?

Be wary that courses that claim to teach you some magic formula, special techniques or professional strategies that are hugely profitable, simply do not work! They merely work on your greed for quick riches or fear of losing out!

What Is The Real Secret To Trading Success?

There is no doubt that the financial market has created many millionaires around the world, but it has also destroyed many financially unsavvy investors. The only way to be successful in trading is to learn from the best traders who have achieved wealth through trading the financial market.

If you are serious about making money from the stock market, emulate professional traders in what they do to make their fortune – follow the work flow they adopt, rationalise their thinking process and replicate their action plan. If you want to be successful, you have to follow a mentor who is successful!

"If at least two people can do something well, then the skill can be taught to most other people"

Who Is Behind Professional Traders Associates?

The founder of Professional Traders Associates is Eddie Ong, a professional trader from Singapore. He is building a team of professional traders by sharing all the knowledge and experience that he has accumulated throughout his trading journey, helping them cut short their learning curve and avoiding many costly investment mistakes that most retail traders make. With a team of like-minded people, they can leverage on each member’s focus, expertise and experience to profit from the various trading opportunities that present themselves throughout the world. 

How Do I Verify The Success Of A Trader?

The success of a professional trader is not measured by the car he drives or the lifestyle he leads, even though these are attractive marketing tools to lure people into trading. The only way to keep score in trading is to see how much profit a trader makes. This can be done by looking at his trading account statement. You should only learn from a professional trader who has achieved success in trading.

Eddie cuts through the jargon and make it simple to understand, straight to the point that will matters and that will produce results. The trading system created by Eddie is a complete and effective trading system which includes how to find and select trades, how to entry and exit, risk management and etc. The benefits are not only financially but psychological. I feel far more confident and looking forward to a potentially profitable future. Highly recommended!

Christina Zhang


This is one of the programmes you must consider if you are looking for ways to forecast future price action in the stock market. He is so patient in explaining the rationale behind the analysis techniques even when i asked so many questions during the programme.

Low Seong Kiem

Data Analyst, Malaysia

I've just started trading and I am fortunate enough to make 30% in 2 months! I recovered my training fees and am looking forward to become a successful trader! Thank you Eddie, I am truly in debt with you! 

Jacqueline Wong

Student, Singapore

You are the best coach I have ever had with. You are in depth with knowledge, you are patient to clear our doubts and you are committed to improve our trading skill. I have learnt so much from you and I am truly grateful. Thanks Eddie!

James Wong


Not only you are very knowledgable, you are also very unselfish and over-deliver your knowledge to us. This is by far the best investment decision I've ever made!

Ronald Khoo

Retiree, Singapore

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