Knowledge To Ultimate Wealth:

How To Beat The Stock Market


You will acquire the skill set to generate a FOUR or even FIVE figure income per month, consistently.

You will learn the little-known techniques professional traders use to unlock CONSISTENT, SUSTAINABLE PROFITS from the financial markets.

You will discover how to compound your wealth to make your first MILLION from the financial markets.

Important advice for you… especially if you’re interested in making money from trading and investments:

Waking up to the truth of our current economic realities:

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Nowadays many people are becoming more and more financially aware and educated. They are waking up to some disturbing, yet critical economic realities:

  • The NEED for multiple streams of income! 

  • The MYTH of Job security!

  • That OUTSOURCING your Financial Future is DEAD!

  • The NEED for 100% Financial and Economic SELF-DETERMINATION!

Let’s go a bit deeper into each of them:

The NEED for multiple streams of income!
Depending on a single income stream such as a fixed 9-to-5 job or a business is very risky as that income may be lost at any moment due to factors outside of your control. Also, with the exception of a very few extraordinary cases, a single source of income will never enable you to reach your goals of financial freedom or retirement.

The MYTH of Job security!
In today's world, the old story of “studying hard, getting a good job, and retiring after a career of faithful service to your company/industry” is wrong, as proven by the Covid-19 unemployment levels. 
Getting that “secure job” is not so “secure” after all! Loyalty to your company does not guarantee the loyalty of your company to you when times get tough. During 2020 so many people became unemployed or had to pivot to some sort of online or work-from-home employment due to Covid-19 lockdowns. The ugly truth of the matter is that the decision to keep you in your job is ultimately outside of your control and therefore not secure.
In fact, even in the case of being able to keep a job, most people live paycheck-to-paycheck, hardly able to survive due to the tremendous rise in the cost of living, let alone being able to set aside funds for retirement or achieving financial freedom. The illusion of “job security” is ever only one paycheck away from shattering!

OUTSOURCING your Financial Future is DEAD!
Outsourcing your wealth-building and/or retirement to fund managers and institutions is dead as proven by Covid-19 and the resultant market crash. It became painfully obvious that NO-ONE had a clue what to do and that handing your funds over to managers in the hopes and belief that they knew any better what to do to ensure a positive return for you was totally unfounded. 
Many people had the rude awakening that the managed funds that they have been  paying into so diligently over many years are badly beat down and not able to even give them back their invested capital, let alone showing a positive return on capital. Nonetheless, be assured that the fund managers have taken their share in fees up-front regardless of performance (or the lack thereof).

The NEED for 100% Financial and Economic SELF-DETERMINATION!
It has become abundantly clear that if you want to reach your financial goals you have to "in-source" your financial management, and learn the necessary skills to take 100% charge of your own financial future.

Because of this “rude awakening”, so many people are now turning to the Financial Markets to replace or increase their income, and getting their money to 'work for them'. 

If you are one of those looking to get into the markets, you are on the right track. However, before you just jump into trading and investing in the markets... you better STOP!

During this pandemic and lockdowns, record numbers of new traders and investors have turned to the financial markets in the attempt to replace their lost income or to generate a second stream of income from it. However, not having the necessary skills and know-how, they are not only putting themselves at the mercy of the markets itself, but also at the mercy of unscrupulous “gurus” and brokers who are looking to take advantage of the ignorant and naïve entering into the industry unawares.

The 90/90/90 Rule:
90% of new traders lose 90% of their capital in the first 90 days of trading in the financial markets. This staggering statistic is true as a result of players within the industry that are acting against your interests. 


Because participating in the Financial Markets is a Zero-Sum game, these players want to make sure that as much of the 90% being lost end up with in their pockets. 

Some of the conflicts of interest that exist and that you need to be aware of:

  • Gurus & trainers are often incentivized by brokers to funnel students to their brokerage platforms by paying referral kick-backs and other bonuses, rather than being incentivized by the success of their students.

  • They oftentimes teach incomplete concepts that cause students to fail in the markets.

  • Gurus  & trainers with large followings who operate in smaller local markets often get into trades ahead of time. Once they are in position, they then signal to their following to take certain actions in the market using the volume of their following to benefit the positions they have already entered into before.

  • Certain types of brokers and their “account managers” often take trades against the traders on their platform or manipulate the spread to cause trades to fail.


Hi, my name is Eddie Ong. I’m the founder and leader of the Professional Traders Associates (PTA) team.

Like everyone else, I started off learning how to trade and invest in the financial markets by reading many different books and attending countless investment courses and seminars. 

During my learning years I’ve personally encountered many of the above traps that people fall victim to on the “dark side” of the trading and investing education industry. 


Along the way I have paid for many useless courses, lost money, been scammed etc., but due to my determination to succeed I was finally able to learn what works and what doesn’t, and so acquire the skills to be successful in the financial markets.


Through trial and error I finally made my first million from trading and investing in the financial markets.

It was partly due to my experiences of the “dark side” that I started teaching others how to trade and invest in the Financial Markets. I grew tired of seeing people being taken advantage of by self-proclaimed gurus and trainers who people have paid and trusted to help them. I wanted to create a program that would actually provide the information and assistance people needed to become successful trading and investing in the markets so they can realize their financial goals.

The other part was that I had the ultimate goal of gathering a community of like-minded traders and investors and to train them to be successful and profitable in the Financial Markets, and from this pool of talents, invite the best of the best traders to become associates as fund managers in our hedge fund.


The aim was clear and simple, create an education program and a community that would help traders and investors to help themselves to greatness. 

PTA is what grew out of this and over the past 5 years, we have been successfully training (?over 500?) highly competent and profitable traders in Singapore & Malaysia. With our track record now well-established, we are confident and ready to expand and go Global.

In the program I will be sharing with you all the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated throughout my trading and investment journey, helping you to cut short your learning curve to become a successful trader and investor and transform your life.


Trading and Investing in the Financial Markets Enabled me to:

  • Hit my first million dollar target.

  • Make an average of 5-25% return every month.

  • Never have a losing year in the past 5 years.

  • Invest in various instruments and asset classes such as stocks, properties and currencies because I now have large investment capital.


Our Proven Program can allow you to do the same!


Currently, I am dedicating myself to recruiting “associates” to build a team of professional traders, by teaching them my proven high precision trading system that I have been using throughout my many years of trading and investing.


Precision Stock Trading Smart Syatem.jpg

If you are new, you may be thinking trading and investing in the stock market is risky.


Yes, you are right. If you do not have a proven trading system to guide you, you are merely just buying and selling stocks based on gut feelings, insider news, recommendations from friends and many other factors that will cause you to lose a lot of money.

So what do I mean by a trading system? A trading system is a set of criteria/rules that has been developed to have an edge over the market.


A complete trading system MUST include a logical entry criteria, exit strategies and proper risk and money management.
If you want to succeed in trading and investing, you must have a thoroughly-tested and proven trading system.

Over the years, I've developed my own - Precision Stock Trading Smart System

The system incorporates:

  1. Highly predictive nature where entry signals are generated before potential future price movement.

  2. Stringent risk management to protect my capital, risking only 1% of my account per trade.

  3. Entry point and exit point that are precise, without any guessing or gut-feelings.

  4. Even by being half right (5 wins out of 10), I am still able to generate at least 5% a month. Because the amount I earn when I win is large, while my losses are kept to a very small size.


Trading and Investing in Stocks is a highly rewarding skill.

It has changed my life and the lives of many other people that I have personally trained over the years.​

If you are really serious about making money, I want to invite you to our seminar: Knowledge to Ultimate Wealth

Note: I will even reveal my live Trading Account Statement as proof of my results.

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Trading is actually not for everyone. It is for people who have the will and motivation to invest their time and energy to make something out of their lives. And that's why I only want to mentor the right people who are willing to put in effort to transform their financial future. If you are really serious in wanting to make money from trading and investing, I will be serious in coaching you as well. I then welcome YOU to join our family of professional traders.


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"I made around 30% in the first 2 months of live trading, netting in US$3,380."

I am very lucky to have you as my mentor. I would not have achieved such results if I had listened to my parents who refused to let me join initially. Now, they have become very supportive after seeing my results! I will continue to work hard and learn from you to achieve my financial dream!

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