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Frequently Asked Questions



What financial instruments do you trade?

We trade stocks, contracts for differences (CFD), currencies (forex), options and futures.

Do I need any training in finance or experience in trading to join PTA?

There are no prerequisites to join PTA. All interested candidates, regardless of background or experience, are required to go through our comprehensive training program conducted by our professional traders. With our system, guidance and hand-holding by seniors, all traders who have completed our training are expected to be equipped with the skill-set to consistently profit from the financial markets.

Is PTA a multi-level marketing (MLM) company or pyramid scheme?

If you are looking for such structures, you would have to look elsewhere. Professional Traders Associates is not a multi-level marketing company nor a pyramid scheme. We are professional traders. Trading financial instruments is our main business and core competency.

I am interested to know more! What do I do next?

We conduct regular seminars for anyone who is interested to join us. During the seminar, you can find out more about PTA, what we do as professional traders, and also learn some of the techniques we employ to consistently profit from the market. You can also raise questions and have your doubts clarified during the session. If you are interested to know more, please register here to attend the next seminar. An entry ticket is compulsory.